Health Reform television advertisement

13 May 2010

The Australian Government is reforming our health system to deliver better health care and better hospitals for the future. This television commercial outlines some of the changes to our health system.

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Transcript of video

FVO: Under the new health reform, the Australian Government is delivering the most significant improvement to our health system since the introduction of Medicare.
[We open on a blue line on a piece of paper. We see more lines, they take shape, illustrating a woman’s eye.]

FVO: By providing more hospital beds…
[We see the illustration turn into a real photo of a woman in a hospital bed, nursing her newborn.]

FVO: …training more doctors and nurses...
[We see another line drawing of a group of young doctors. The illustration turns into a real photograph.]

FVO: …and expanding the number of GP services…
[We see another illustration, of a young boy being seen by GP. This also turns into a photo.]

FVO: …it will deliver better health and better hospitals.
[We see another illustration of a young (16-20) woman talking to her doctor. This too resolves through to a real photo.]

FVO: For the first time the Australian Government will take dominant funding responsibility for our health system.

FVO: The reform will cut inefficiencies by streamlining many systems into a unified network, with guaranteed funding…
[The lines link and join the network together.]

[Super: Cut inefficiencies.]

FVO: …it’ll be run locally, giving local senior doctors and health experts a greater say.

[Then, different points on the network light up, one by one. ]

[Super: Greater local say.]

FVO: …and by introducing new strong national standards, it will deliver a higher quality of care in the city and country.

[Super: Strong national standards.]

FVO: Health Reform. For better healthcare and better hospitals.

[We pull out to reveal the illustration of the network spells the words ‘Health Reform’.]

[This resolves through to the logo and super.]

[Logo/Super: Health Reform. Better healthcare and better hospitals. Government Crest.]

FVO: For more information about the improvements, as they happen, go to

[Cut to a black screen with white type.]

Super/VO: Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra. Spoken by S.Godfrey.

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